Starting with a general overview, I have a mostly-standard western dragon morphology, slim build. For overall dimensions, see diagram, right. I have three heads, two wings, four legs, and nine tails. My whole body is covered in white feathers.

The feathers are generally distributed as one would expect on a larger bird, with pennaceous feathers of size appropriate to the covered feature over a downy under-layer. More developed flight feathers are present on the wings, including seven primaries and eleven secondaries on the trailing edges. The wings are broad, relatively blunt, and built for soaring rather than maneuvering. Compare most larger eagles.

My heads are identical to one another. They are roughly lupine in appearance, but lack a rhinarium or visible philtrum. Small, simple nostrils on the sides near the front, mostly hidden by feathers. Eyes are amber coloured, with no visible sclera, and vertical slit pupils. Ears are large, fennec style. Upper canines are enlarged, protruding a couple of centimeters below the closed jaw.

My three necks are, together, the same width as my shoulders. The necks are flexible; when alert, they are held in an approximate “2” shape, with 10-15 degrees of separation. When focusing on something, I can achieve a wide variety of unhelpful angles. Arranged side by side, in a line.

Forelegs are slender. Digits on the forepaws are well-developed; these are clearly functional as hands. Claws are small, blunt, and non-retractable. Hindlegs, by comparison, are very heavily built. Digitigrade posture, paws broad but not nearly so well developed as the hands. Claws, again, small and blunt.

Tails are very long in comparison to the rest of my body. Very flexible, quite fluffy. Feathers here are thick, downy, and comparable to a long feather duster.